Wear It Wednesday

Wear It Wednesday!!

Purple Reign..

The color purple is a go to color for fall.


When the fall trend report came out months ago Pantone stated this season would be “A palette of many moods.” One of those moods include the exotic color of Acai also known as purple!

Purple is everywhere this season and will continue as we transition into winter. This bold color is even showing up in the world of make-up!

Eyebrow jewelry is a new trend this season and the color purple is making a big statement with it!

The richness and many hues of this color can not only transition a wardrobe but also alter someone’s mood. The color purple is known as royalty and when worn it can give you a sense of mystery, boldness and a certain feel of power.

Stella McCartney:

Even in evening wear the color purple is shown. I love the gowns from Oscar de la Renta

Jean Paul Gaultier brought haute couture to this royal color.

I love that this bold color has even made a debut on the red carpet!

In menswear the color purple ranges from subtly to bold fashion looks… check them out below

Are you sporting this color this fall and will you be one of those transitioning it into winter?

Share how you wear this royal color.


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