Wear It Wednesday

Wear It Wednesday!

Mad Hatter style!!

Fall Hats! From beanies, ball caps and even berets, hats can add edge, femininity, strength or just straight cool to your outfit. Check out some ways to wear hats and share if you would rock it or knock it!

The baseball hat trend:

During Fall 2013 Hervé Léger by Max Azria  baseball caps were showcased in a more sleek, non team traditional type of way. This “Borrowed from the boys” look can give a sexy tomboy look to any hot night on the town look.

From the runway to the streets, chic chicks find great ways to sport this trend.

Beanies simple or with fur attachments are a hat oldie but goodie  that returns every fall season.

The Fedora. Worn across genders in bold or basic colors throughout multiple seasons but seen in influx during fall. It ranges in brim size but the classic shorter brim is mostly common.

The beautiful velvet brim Maison Michel fedora worn by Elena Perminova is simply divine! Check the photo captured and posted on fashionising.com.

Elena Perminova’s fedora

Bowler style hat is also known as the derby. This 1850’s hat still stands strong that adds a modern look to this vintage hat during this fall season.

The military inspired French style hat also known as a beret can be found all throughout this season as the go to accessory for fall.

Great way to update this vintage look with luxury for less is by adding a brooch to it like shown below.

Turbans which were known as a religious millinery hat has been around for many years and will remain. Although the basis does not come from fashionable accessories, it has become that throughout many seasons. Rock this in bold colors or prints for sass to the fall wardrobe.

What hats are your go to accessory for fall?

Whichever you choose, share a fun and inspiring way you wear these trends this fall season.


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