Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Celebrating one of the most hip & fun yet highly educated mom’s from tv’s highest rated 80’s sitcom The Cosby ShowClair Huxtable🙂

Clair was not only a character for TV, she was who little girls and women aspired to become  and above all a fashion icon nonetheless.

She was so classy with her evening looks.

Clair was full of life, very playful but still held her ground as an assertive attorney you did not want to cross. I would marvel at the way she spoke so eloquently. She knew how to be relate-able without compromising her true self.

In a poll of Opinion Research Survey back in 2006, Clair was voted as “TV’s Favorite Mom”.

Although I didn’t have the luxury of watching this amazing show as a kid, I did watch it repeatedly in the 90’s and still to this day as an adult!! I own the entire 8 seasons. 🙂

One of my favorite Clair go off moments is when Vanessa goes to Baltimore to see the Wretched… See below:

Too many great things to share on the lovely Clair Huxtable. Her fashion sense was classy, age appropriate and with a subtle sexy unlike some of TV’s moms nowadays. We all as women can learn a thing or two from this sophisticated character who can never be forgotten.


I loved the “looks” she would give as she raises one eyebrow…

Color blocking at it’s best in the many sweaters Clair wore.

Working mom fashion at its best:

What’s your favorite Clair episode, outfit or power line?


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